Refer A Friend

How to Refer A Friend & get rewarded?

Each member has a unique referral link in their account. Share this link to your friend & get rewarded $20 when your friend signs up for their first class package.

On JR Website:

On JR App:

Conditions of use of the referral link

Each member has a personal referral link that can be shared in order to obtain a reward.

Using the shared link will take the new member to the registration form for them to create an account. Once this has been done, the referred member must complete their first basket in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The amount of the basket is greater than $S100.00
  • It is carried out within 1 month after the referred member has registered

If the first purchase is made in accordance with the terms and conditions described, the referring member will be rewarded with a sum of $S20.00.

The reward will be automatically applied to the referring member’s next baskets: there are no time or amount conditions regarding the application. It can also be applied in several instalments if the amount of the basket is less than the reward.

Please note: the referral program only applies to new members of the studio.

Refer a friend TODAY & receive $20 from us!