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Terms & Conditions

1. Class Packages purchased can be used for ALL classes in the schedule.
2. Studio walk-in rate : SGD30.00
3. Class Packages are shareable, transferable but non-refundable.
4. There is no extension of expiry date unless there is a valid reason due to medical condition or travelling.
5. Classes will be opened for booking 7 days and 4 hours in advance before the class commences. You are encouraged to book your class early, at least 2 hours before the class to avoid class cancellation.
6. If you are unable to make it for the particular class, kindly do cancel 12 hours before the class. Prepaid credit will be 100% refunded if cancellation is made 12 hours before the class. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the credit and full payment will be charged.
7. Kindly be punctual for class. The slot will be released to another member 10 minutes after class commences and your attendance will be marked as “no show”.
8. All classes require booking and you will not be allowed to join a class without prior booking.
9. JR Fitness reserves the right to cancel, change class type or instructor without prior notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I share my package with my friend?
All class packages purchased can be shared.
Can the expiry date of my package be extended?
There is no extension of expiry date unless there is a valid reason due to medical condition of travelling.
How can I sign up for class?

Register for an account via our website or mobile app “JR Fitness Singapore”. Single class and class credits are available for purchase. Simply go to “Schedule” to view all available classes and book class. 

How does the "Waitlist" work?

1. Register yourself on “Waitlist” for classes that you wish to join but which are FULL.
2. Once a slot is available, you will be automatically added into the class. You may cancel the class if you are unable to make it or contact us to cancel the booking if the booking is made within 12 hours before the class commences.
3. A confirmation email will be sent if the class is successfully booked.

How far ahead can I book class?

All classes are opened for booking 7 days and 4 hours before the class commences.

What happens if the class which I would like to attend is full and I can only make it at that specific time?
You may put yourselves on waitlist. See “How does the Waitlist work?”.
Do I need to cancel a class if I have booked for the class and unable to make it for class?

Yes, kindly cancel your booking if you are unable to make it for class so that the slot can be released to others.

The prepaid credit will be refunded if the booking is canceled (12) HOURs before the class commences.

The prepaid credit will be NOT refunded if the booking is canceled less than  (12) HOURs before the class commences, or in case of no-show.

Class cancellations can be made via online booking system or via email/SMS.

I’m a beginner and I have not been exercising for the longest time. Can I join the fitness class?
Yes, you are welcomed to join our classes. However, you are advised to do at your own pace and just enjoy the workout! Practice makes perfect!
Can I bring my friends who are interested to join the class?

Yes, you are welcomed to bringas many friends as you like. All our class packages can be shared. You may book another slot for your friends once you have made a class booking. There is no limit to the slots that you are able to book.

Can I bring my kids to join the class?

Yes, the minimal age to join our classes is 12 years old except for kids’ classes. However, we do not encourage to bring children along during the classes. We do allow them to wait at the waiting area with a guardian.

How can I track my package sessions?

You may track your booking histories, package balances and expiries in your account. Login to your account via our booking system or on our mobile app.

What attire should I wear for the classes?

Comfortable clothing that do not restrict your movements in class. Do not wear jewelleries or necklaces for safety purposes. Do remember to bring a pair of comfy shoes, water and towel! Water can be purchased at the studio.

Are there any shower facilities?

Shower facility is available at Novena outlet. Towels, showers and lockers are available at SG5 per day use. Kindly do approach the reception at the Clubhouse if you wish to use the shower facility.

Is there any trial class?

Yes, our first time trial class is SGD18. First time trial booking can be done via our mobile app or booking system.

When does my package validity start?

All class packages validity will start from the date of purchase. E.g for a 10-session package purchased on 15th January 2022 (3-months validity), the package validity will start from 15th January 2022 and expire on 14th March 2022.

When will I receive the link for my virtual class?

Virtual class link will be sent to your email 15-mins before the class starts.

Will I be able to select my standing position in class?

Yes, spot scheduling is currently available at City Studio only. Spots can be selected during the class reservation. To change a spot, you will need to cancel and re-book for the class.