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Diana Tong

I like this workout class, it can make me sweat a lot and burn fat after the workout. And also can make fun with my pretty instructor.

Nurul Amiriah

its the most exciting cardio and toning workouts I’ve done so far. the instructor is friendly and kind. Plus its the best way to sweat it out in class!! <3

Cloud Tay

No more monday blue for me as long as it is zumba day on Monday night. Enjoy the energetic and fun moment with instructor and everyone! Release the stress, just shake with the music!

Charlene Rodrigues

Its the best way to lose weight in a fun way. The instructor is super awesome and fun ! Full of energy and great moves to learn from her each time! Never a dull class ! Super love

Liza Ibrahim

Definitely one of the best zumba classes around. The songs are upbeat , dance choreography’s amazing, and (the effect from) the workout is phenomenal!! Thank you Jing. Your energy is so infectious, that I’m hooked to your classes! Keep it up!

‘Rynna NaNa

Elkin is my fav Zumba instructor!! super love his high energy and the songs that he chose! so far he is the only that can made me burn more than 600 calories for 1 hour of Zumba!! becos of Elkin, I’m coming for more!! Keep it up!!

Lay Hong

Jing Wen is one of my favourite zumba instructor and I truly enjoy her energy, her power and the excitement that she always carry with her for her students n friends! My friends and colleagues that I recommend JR Fitness also enjoyed every workout. Thank you so much for making us sweat and move our body with you. Thanks Rachel, you are great power too!

Charissa Poh

Zumba classes with JR fitness is always a time of fun filled exercise! They’re progressively expanding in their class size, the variety of classes offered as well as the location of these classes!
The Instructors are also full of energy in keeping the class going and ensuring that class push themselves to their limit. It is always a good workout every week that leaves my muscles aching for a good cause! smile emoticon

Lam Hui Ju

Monday Zumba classes with Jingwen are the best! It’s one of the regular things that keep my Monday blues at bay. Every session is fun and crazy, guaranteed with loads of sweat by half time. The instructor is encouraging and supportive, ensuring the class is filled with nothing but good, happy vibes! ^-^ Also attended Zumba and KpopXFitness by Rachel, one class each. Her classes are fantastic for super intense cardio with her super quick and sharp moves! Definitely recommending JRFitness to all who wants to try Zumba or other fitness classes.